Child Friendly Dentistry

Prince Albert Smiles understands the importance of establishing a good oral hygiene routine early in a child’s life. We provide children and parents with the knowledge and treatment to help maintain their healthy smile. Our pediatric dental care begins with infant’s teaching parents proper methods of oral care, dietary control, and the use of fluoride vitamins to strengthen the developing teeth.

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Dr. Toporowski Explains Tongue or Lip Tie Concerns

A frenum/frenulum is a string of tissue that provides stability to the lips and tongue.

Having a lip frenum and tongue frenum is normal but if the frenum is restrictive or tight, it can cause problems (i.e. “tongue-tie” and/or “lip-tie”)


  • Pain while feeding
  • Mastitis, blocked ducts, thrush
  • Bleeding, blistered, cracked, creased nipples
  • Poor or incomplete breast drainage


  • Difficulty latching or staying latched
  • Fussy at breast
  • Colic and reflux symptoms
  • Dried milk on tongue
  • Milk spillage
  • Top lip doesn’t flange around breast
  • Blisters around mouth
  • Inadequate weight gain
  • Short sleeps/frequent feeds
  • Difficulty breathing during nursing
  • Snoring, heavy breathing, congestions

If an oral tie is diagnosed the treatment can be done in office with a laser.

Numbing gel is used to help with discomfort and the procedure takes about 30-60 seconds per tie.

You can feed your baby immediately after the procedure.

Post operative instructions are given and a follow-up visit will be scheduled.

If you and your baby experience any of these symptoms, please book in for a consultation to determine an oral tie revision is right for your baby.